As part of the training at Johnson and Monteleone, LLP, we must exceed educational requirements. Whatever be the latest cutting edge tactics in harassment law, we are aware and can apply those skills to your circumstances. One of the many things we have found after Over 20 years is that the people of Kuna do not anticipate the continuing expenses they will have for their injury. Call Johnson and Monteleone, LLP to prevent making the same mistake.

At Johnson and Monteleone, LLP, we feel it is our duty to ensure that victims of negligence in the Kuna area can establish their rights and receive financial compensation. We know you are on this webpage because you or a loved one has been the victim of negligence, and you are considering an official harassment claim. Let us guide you through this time and ease the burden of dealing with courts serving the Kuna area on your own. 

At Johnson and Monteleone, LLP, we negotiate with insurance companies throughout the Kuna area to get the dues our clients deserve. When dealing with harassment cases we negotiate with our clients’ undeserved medical bills in mind. If you have suffered a life-changing harassment in the Kuna area, let the legal professionals of Johnson and Monteleone, LLP bring you justice.

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Do not allow insurance companies of the Kuna area to avoid payout in your harassment situation. If you are suffering from harassment related matters, let us at Johnson and Monteleone, LLP take care of your insurance company.

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