The legal professionals of Johnson and Monteleone, LLP have represented clients in the Idaho City area who have lost the ability to work for a indefinitely due to the nature of their employment, possibly including: brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries, or even paralysis. Anyone in the Idaho City area who has been the victim of this type of incident, as well as his or her family members, should be compensated.

At Johnson and Monteleone, LLP, we are here to assist you with your employment matters. When dealing with a lengthy employment situation, you will likely run into more than just physical pain. In most employment cases, there are out-of-pocket medical expenses which your health insurance does not cover. At the same time, your employment may keep you from earning a steady income to support yourself and your family. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident and you are from or near the Idaho City area, it is important that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer such as Johnson and Monteleone, LLP on your side. 

Grappling with employment cases can be life-changing. If you are from the Idaho City area and find yourself in need of an attorney, trust the legal professionals of Johnson and Monteleone, LLP. We can maneuver through both national and local laws in the Idaho City area to better ensure that your employment case does not fall to the clever tricks of insurance companies. Let the professionals of Johnson and Monteleone, LLP take on your legal burden and allow you to focus on returning your life to normal.

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employment matters can be messy, but with the help of our Over 20 years of practice, we will work hard to ensure your employment matters are handled appropriately in the realm of Idaho City area law.

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